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Notes To Parents

Bishop Speechly Vidyapeeth

Co - operation between the parents and the teachers will go a long way in the proper development of the Students.

  • Your kind co- operation is very essential in :-
    • Urging your wards to be regular and punctual in attendance at school.
    • Neatly dressing your wards for school and fully equipping them
    • Seeing your wards do their home work and lesson diligently.
    • Keeping the school informed regarding your change in address.
    • Attending all school functions in the interests of your children.
    • Noting the remarks in the school diary and by signing them after noting the remarks.
  • Parents are earnestly required to see that the rules of the school are strictly observed by the children; that children are systematic in their study habits at home and are regular in preparing lessons. It will greatly help if parents see that their children come to school daily in proper uniform with necessary books and stationery.
  • Parents should inform the school if there is any particular weakness in the students which needs special attention. Sometimes the children may complain to the parents on school matters. Parents are requested to inform the principal about the matter or discuss it with him and to withhold judgement until proper investigations are made.
    • Parents are most welcome to visit the school to discuss the progress and problems of their wards. But no parent is allowed to directly approach his ward or a staff member. The only authority to sanction permission for meeting staff/ student of the school is the Principal or in his absence, the Supervisor in- charge.
    • Visiting parents should come straight to the School office enquiry and wait in the visitor's room. Principal will arrange for the concerned staff or student to come and meet the visitor.
  • Please make use of the pages in the student's diary to send any message to the Principal, Class Teachers or Subject Teachers.
  • When your ward returns from the school, please check
    • If there is any home assignment given.
    • If there is any message from teachers to the parents.
  • Parents should be familiar with the rules and regulations of the school and ensure that their wards comply.
    • Parents are requested not to ask for leave to attend social functions and family outing/ get- together. Please plan your outings so as not to clash with the school calendar.
    • If leave is not applied for in advance, leave application should be submitted on the first day after the period of absence.
    • If a student is absent for more than 10 working days consecutively without seeking leave, it will be deemed that the student has withdrawn himself/ herself from the school and his/ her name shall be removed from the rolls without any notice to the parents.
    • Absence without permission will be viewed seriously and suitable punitive measures taken.
  • Punctuality is very essential. Students should reach the school by 9.00 AM however, they should not be in the campus earlier than 8.30 AM. Names of late comers are noted down and those who come repeatedly late are liable to disciplinary measures.
  • Parents/ guardians should make it a point to pay the fees as and when they are due.
  • Please notify the school of any change in address/ telephone number.
  • Private tuitions are strongly discouraged. If parents feel that their child requires special attention they must discuss the problem with the Principal. Any arrangement for tuition should be made through the Principal.