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The reopening day of our school new Vice Chairman arrived for morning prayer at 09.30 AM. He advised the  students to fillup their minds with values and go up and up like a balloon filled with helium which has light weight. On the reopening day morning session was over by 12 PM


First  CCA classes were conducted


Today is World Environment Day. After prayer our Biology Teacher Sheeba Miss gave an awareness to the students regarding the importance of celebrating this day.


We conducted Parent Teacher meeting of new admission from 08.45 am-09.10 am.


Today is Vidhyarambham opening day for LKG students. The function started at 10.30 am and finished by 11.15 am. School Vice Chairman presided over the function. Burasr, Principal, Vice Prinicipal, Nursery co-ordinators and teachers lit the lamp and lighted candles were given to the LKG students. A dance was also performed by high school


  PTA meeting was conducted for STD.IX 9:30am to 10:50 am.


Conducted the first common assembly.

House Meeting was also held.


PTA General Body Meeting was held .New Executive Committee was formed with Mr. P Anil as president.Outgoing students were honoured.


 First assembly was conducted by Std.X.First Teachers Assembly was held .Mrs.Sheeba George delivered a speech regarding monsoon related disease.